Sunglasses- Whether worn on the face, on the top of the head, or draped over the neckline of a blouse or dress, a good pair of sunnies is as essential an accessory as any other.From round glasses so opaque you wonder how anyone can see through them to silver aviators so reflective they can stand-in as legit mirrors, stylish women everywhere are using sunnies to elevate their looks in all sorts of ways. Sunglasses are the new black!

Belt-Coming in a variety of leathers and skins, the buckle belt is going to set you apart from anyone else in the room. Coming in silver or gold, it’s an understated, versatile belt that you could wear with any outfit and not look garish nor flashy.

Hat- What kind of look will you want to achieve? An easy and quick guide to think about: if your hat is for a tailored suit or dress, it needs to be a bit more classic or formal and have a structured look. If you’re looking for a less formal but still classic look, go for a trilby- good for a man or woman, and always in style. For a cosier, less formal or even retro look, choose a cap or beanie. For summer, it could be in a lightweight material such as straw, rather than anything too heavy such as felt or velvet (which is perfect for winter, and teamed with heavier fabrics).  

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