Narciso Rodriquez range of feminine perfumes have woody and musky dominance which make these scents very sensual and seductive. The story of seduction continues with the Narciso Rodriguez Poudree Eau de Parfum, a deeply addictive fragrance for HER.

The scent of boudoir! If words are not enough for that precious person,you need a precious fragrance to convey the exact message. Narciso Poudree is a great powdery sweet fragrance. A comfort scent extraordinaire it literally caresses the atmosphere with well being. It gives the image of a woman of a higher status, demure, poised and respected. A truly modern French perfume. Musky, floral, intelligent, ladylike, chic, sensual, sweet, soft and full of character.


Top Notes: Jasmine Petals, White Bulgarian Rose

Heart notes: Powder musk

Base notes: Vetiver, White cedar


It starts with a distinctly powdery note that appears to be a rose powder combined with the cool, earthy powder more typical of musk and iris further grounded by the vetiver and cedar. The indolic nature of the rose note moves toward what I think is fressia, golden and round. This creamy, smooth, floral and powdery undertone scent is perfect for summer or warm weather in spring. I like Narciso Poudrée. It’s well done. It’s easy to wear, probably more so than the original Narciso, and it’s got more oomph than the Eau de Toilette, which was a shade too anemic for my taste.

 Narciso Poudree Eau de Parfum is packaged in a powdery pink coloured translucent glass bottle. It has a nozzle spray attached and a powdery peachy pink coloured cap, which closes firmly. This square shaped bottle of 50ml looks very elegant and modern and it’s travel- friendly. Narciso Poudree is for a women who are provocative and confident. The lasting power is too good, both on pulse points and outfits. Thumbs up. 🙂





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