Prada Candy Night

Prada Candy Night

The latest chapter in Prada Candy’s story reveals a new facet of her character. An addictive cocktail of femininity, at once wildly liberated and elegantly refined.

I was so excited about this release because I have and love all of the Prada Candy´s 🙂

I  happily wear it with joy, especially when I’m in need of a confidence boost as it’s one of those unashamedly sexy, vampy scents that just screams femininity in every form.  It’s big, bold, deep and full of amazing notes that give it a huge presence that starts with a big burst of slightly orange spiciness that develop into more of a chocolate-caramel heart with a base of  white musk and vanilla. It’s a huge fragrance that really has got a bit of everything in there!

Prada Candy Night Eau de Parfum is a fragrance with sensual, ultra-feminine notes. The ideal fragrance for a seductive, dominant woman with sensual curves. A sweet and spicy oriental fragrance with

Top notes: Orange Blossom

Middle notes: Caramel and Cocoa

Base notes: Vanilla, White Musk

It leaves people always wanting to know what fragrance you are wearing. 🙂

It is expectedly sweet but not excessively so. The slightly spicy –fruity middle is very balanced and continues the sweetness of the opening. The dry down is pleasant— musky with just the right amount of vanilla.

It’s long lasting & powerful but the fragrance itself does not smell too strong. Somehow powdery but not too delicate, feminine and glam but also dangerously mysterious & addictive… This perfume is so much and not too much at the same time… I don’t know but it smells perfeeeect love it, love it, and one more time: LOVE IT!


Prada Candy Night will be available in Switzerland on 1st April as a 30ml , 50ml and 80ml Eau de Parfum.



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